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Children are welcome!  

Children of all ages are able to participate in Global Prayer. As parents, by virtue of your participation, you are 100% responsible and attentive to your little ones at all times, regardles of whether you are leading or participating in an in-home, online, phone conference, or any Global Prayer Home experience in any setting.  The safety and comfort of every child is the responsibility of the child's parent, guardian, custodian, or caregiver. Please refer to our Agreements & Policies

Comfortable casual - it's up to you!  

Comfortable in a casual atmosphere where clothing is alL that is required. Welcome those who come as they are in casual clothing or dressy; it's up to you!

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GlobalPrayerHomes.com connects people who pray. 

Allow us to help you start your own in-home, online, or phone conference prayer ministry.

Every Global Prayer Home is unique.  

Each group leads with a vision and call to love God and serve others. Groups are comprised of families, friends, neighbors, and associates who pray on a variety of focuses from A to Z. From business to education to seniors to world events and experiences, each group's goal is to be led by the Holy Spirit in prayer tending the needs of souls from house to house as did the disciples who birthed the churches.